Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Unfortunately no news about the faulty dual axis drive yet, but luckily the yesterday sky gifted me with this nice opportunity.....

This was the first time I could assemble the camera, the eyepiece projection adapter with an eyepiece in it and the scope with positive outcome. It was just sunning. Jupiter was blocked by a tree, although I tried to capture something but eventually it wasn't really convincing. So Moon was a pretty obvious choice after all.
I've been told the circumstances were extremely nice, you can't really see much turbulence during the video (vibrating air the results distortion eventually). Also as small portion of the Moon can only be seen, there is a higher possibility to find the right balance in terms of focus, exposure time, contrast and the object has a much more spooky shadow.  I guess it was the beginner's luck, so looking forward for the next chance.

A photo of the Moon in prime focus (only the camera, T-ring and the scope).

And the same photo in close up

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