Friday, 19 February 2016

Buying my 127/1500 maksutov scope - 19th Feb 2016

Since I purchased my very first telescope in 2013 - a Skywatcher 200PDS with an eq5 mount - things has changed a whole lot.... :)

Firstly I needed a small, portable second scope that I can carry around anytime, easy to assemble and doesn't take too much space. After considering many options, I decided to give a go on a Skywatcher Skymax 90/1250 maksutov scope.
To buy that small scope was an eye opener to me. Realized the potential in this design, as I mainly do planetary work this small, but powerful thing is purely amazing. Looking back, I should have started with this scope instead the SW200/1000.

After giving me so much joy and great memories, than I decided to upgrade it to a bigger one. On the photos below this is the one size bigger brother, a 127/1500 maksutov from the same maker.  I took these photos at the evening of purchase and I was full of excitement :)

Since february I've been testing this scope and paired with a Zwo ASI 120MC planetary camera - it performs just superbly....
In the coming up posts I'll share some of the photos I took during the opposition period of Jupiter 2016.