Monday, 1 April 2013

Dual Axis Motors - The Misery begins

It's the 1st of April and the weather still in winter hibernation, not just in London but all around Europe. Something is definitely wrong with it, so nothing left but patiently waiting for the better and warmer opportunities.
Great news that I got the dual axis motor drive for the EQ-5 mount and a 7Ah Skywatcher Powertank to supply the sufficient amount of electricity for the motors. I've been so happy, but for not so long.
Unfortunately I wasn't sure how to use it, both I could manage to fit onto the mount properly.
But I didn't take the volts seriously and connected to the 12V output from the powertank. Later on I did find out that it was probably a mistake. Because this and only this type of dual axis motor drive on the current market runs from 6V instead of 12V...... I know it is written on the controller, but when I brought the powertank, the seller wasn't even aware of the fact it runs from 6V too. You can say it is his mistake, but I'm sure they not selling  loads and loads of this exceptionally unique 6V model.
Nothing really happened, ever since. Even that I bought the center positive 2.5mm 6V Dc-Dc extention cable, no reaction whatsoever. As the controller can be seen below, when it is plugged the LED in the middle (of the direction buttons) suppose to be green and whenever any direction buttons are pressed, LED turns red. Well mine is constantly red and no motor movement when buttons are pressed. No reaction at all. Now I am waiting for the Easter to be gone and begin to sort out what is the actual problem. Motors can be damaged, or the controller, or both. But probably something was already wrong with the equipment, cos I found some complaint about the motor drives and the controller, being a bit doggy.
Whatever the problem is, I want to sort it out.
Shame but I calm myself with the fact that the weather is unsuitable for astronomy anyway....

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