Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Getting better (27th Jan)

Well after self-educating myself from the internet, just realized (again) that size isn't everything. Yes I know it sounds cliché but when it comes to eyepieces, apparently it is true.

When I assumed my biggest eyepiece (28mm) gives the highest magnification, it was wrong. So therefore I used my "weakest" eyepiece.
It buzzed me up and wanted to try those two eyepieces (20mm and 12 mm) immediately.

This was even a better view of the big planet and four of it's moons were shining. I managed to force my Galaxy Note to take a picture of it. Just for fun.
This was the result.

Juputer with three moons

Of course far from what you can see in the scope (clarity and contrast), but at least something for the beginning.
After this my attention turned toward the Orion.

Orion Nebula just under Orion belt and Beteguse ( dying star)

It wasn't that hard to spot Orion Nebula and there it was. Unbelievable formation, looks like a bluish cloud bursting out from nowhere. The photo above is not mine of course. .. Not yet 

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