Tuesday, 5 February 2013

First observation (25th Jan)

The weather looked promising on that day, so I assembled the scope and waiting for the dawn.


My amateurism came out immediately, because I never used anything similar to this and nobody showed me how and what.... So my first thought was that I'm not going to spend time with using the finderscope, simply started using the scope alone.
Than it became clear my field of view is so tiny, that you are not able to use only the scope to find anything on the sky. Especially not for the very first time lol. Anyway after two hours of disappointment I finally began using the finderscope too. Even in London in my garden it was possible to align the scope and the finder. I was simply trying to spot one or to stars in the scope and find the same thing in the finder as well. As soon as it was done, the miracle happened.
I pointed the finder to Jupiter and when I looked into the eyepiece... There it was. Great. Wonderful. Fantastic view...... It was an overwhelming feeling as it was hanging there in the middle of the dark, surrounded by it's three moons. If I focused my eyes to the right way, then two thick red stripes became visible on the surface of the planet.

When I bought the scope, it came with a 2” 28mm and two 1,25” (20mm and 12mm) eyepieces.
Another fact became crystal clear, eyepiece is the main factor what you see. In terms of size my 28mm eyepiece is the biggest, so I assumed it has the highest magnification from the all three. On that night the 28mm one was used only. I was happy about the Jupiter, even to see it with my own eyes, live. But it wasn't enough because this 8” reflector has more capability.
So I started reading.....

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