Friday, 25 March 2016

ASI 120 and 0.5x focal reducer test

Here is my beloved 127 mak with my also beloved 120MC camera :)
A scope with such a long focal length like this makes hard to use it for some things I also like. Such as ISS/airplanes transiting the Moon/Sun, also occasionally I take photos of planes as well. So I bought a no name focal reducer to see how does it perform with my equipment.

First test was a huge success, took some time to figure out the know-how but the photo of a Lufthansa Cargo plane ensured me that this is the way to go forward ;)

Now I can't wait to test it on a Moon/Sun transit of ISS :P

Lufthansa Cargo plane

This photo (below) I took of a nearby aerial, just wanted to see the real difference in FOV. It seems to work so far without loosing sharpness or any other details as you can see the photo of a Lufthansa Cargo plane... nice and clear as it should be. 

I took a shot of a nearby aerial with and without the reduce

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