Sunday, 18 August 2013

International Space Station (ISS) hunt once again - most likely not the last

It is a really short video (37 sec) of my latest International Space Station  (ISS) hunt which went just fine. Sky was clear of clouds so took my time and recorded two occasions. 
The first one was a tricky one. It was a bit dark to see ISS clear and bright but were no stars yet. So I simply wasn't able to focus my dslr on an object - which ideally a star. So I decided to leave the telescope and only use my Canon. 
The next occasion was a bit easier, could quickly focus my scope on Vega and do all the necessary  setting on the camera. 
MUST be stated that your finder scope / telrad must be spot on, I mean really spot on. Purely because during recording that's how you follow ISS passing by overhead. Through your finder scope / telrad, turning your scope manually and follow its journey causing minimal shake on the scope. 
Altogether 2000 frames have been recorded, but really 4 frames were okey. But probably this was the best one.

Finally the panels can be clearly seen

Processed with Registax - close up

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